Merchants Account need Verify to Join Membership package 
Rewards upto 10000 participants is Free 
Bonusforyou up to 50000 participants is Free
Extra participants Charges
Over this Participants Events will be charge US$75/ 1K Participants
Over this Participants Events will be charge US$150/ 1K Participants
Events Apply Schedule 
3 days before from start events 
Events Periods
Maximum is 7days From start to Closed
Draw Prize Periods
After closed within 3 days Must completed 
and Listing and announcement on Events Channel

Prize Setting
Merchants can setting 
Participants Early Birds Prize Join Events 
From 1 to Many without Drawing 
Total can setting 10 Different Prize
For example below
First Prize From 1 to Many
Second Prize From 1 to Many
Third Prize From 1 to Many
Forth Prize From 1 to Many
Fifth Prize From 1 to Many
We do not accept Cash Coupons for All Prize on Listing 
Prize Delivery 
Merchants must Listing Prize Delivery Detail 
Events Winners 
System will send alert to inform Participants is Won.
And we will export Winners Participants TG I/D and our Participants Code to Merchants for contacting Winners by Telegram
Merchant Membership Verify Need Following
1. 1 Channel link registered 
2. Channel owner Verify
3. Free 12 events for Rewards
4. Free 4 events for Bonusforyou 
5. 52 weeks Membership 

Please Join Verify Merchants Membership

By Bonusforyou Team

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